PLEASURETIME SOCIAL CLUB - An Ohio Swingers club two hours from Cleveland
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Relax and get acquainted. When at an on-premise Ohio swing club approximately 2 hours south of Cleveland, proximal to Interstate 71, or swing house party, you are there to have the best of times and to share the uninhibited enjoyment associated with those who have discovered a new dimension in their lifestyles. Once you have become familiar with your surroundings, try to become at ease as you would at any other social gathering. Don't hesitate to introduce yourselves to other people. You'll find them eager to welcome you and sincere to help you blend into their special circle of comraderie.

Some tips on etiquette. While you are advised to be congenial and outgoing, don't be "pushy." Many couples and singles who are new to swinging often have unrealistic expectations. They are not prepared to handle rejections that may occur. Freshly showered, perfumed, and neatly dressed people make more contacts. Don't let your personal and physical habits stop you from having a good time. No one is perfect. It is common for new swingers to see others as more attractive or more verbal than themselves. Don't let your own mind be your worst enemy. Be prepared to handle rejection but don't take it personally.

It is important to remember that personal choice is the right of every individual and to "respect that right" is only common courtesy. Learn how to accept "No, Thank you," graciously. Your approach -- which should be the same as it would be in any social setting -- is a key factor to your acceptance as a desirable partner/friend.

Join the conversation. Some people will probably "break the ice" by introducing themselves to you. They may even introduce you to other couples they know. It's their way of making you feel at home. Feel free to join in on their conversation. You'll find that most of them will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the swinging lifestyle. Be open and honest. Tell them that you are new to swinging and you'll discover how helpful people can be.

Start off on the right foot by setting some ground rules. On your first venture into the swinging scene, you may feel somewhat uneasy about seeing your mate with someone else or just knowing the your mate is partying with someone else. Likewise, your mate may feel somewhat uneasy about seeing you with someone else. Both of these reactions are very normal.

There are swingers who only party as a couple with others.
There are those who go their separate ways while at the club.
There are the ones who party together one moment and then separate the next.

There are many feelings involved here. Some swingers want to watch their mate with others as a turn-on for then and for later. Some want to be with their mate for comfort and security reasons. And some will party separately and share their experiences later for additional turn-on benefits. Everyone has their own reasons and their own feelings. All of these reasons and feelings are real and should be respected.

Establish some ground rules. To avoid embarrassment or disillusionment, discuss your inhibitions with your mate beforehand and set ground rules on what you think you might be comfortable with. If you are still wary, then come to the club and talk with others before you party. Ask how others worked through their first swing sessions.

Thanks, Bob and Mora